Letter from Governor of New Hampshire



Letter from Governor of Alabama

The World Replies

Several U.S. politicians, Consumer Electronics corporations, and prominent environmental conservationists have replied. We have merely began to receive responses from politicians and consumer electronics corporations. This does not end now, our campaign is gaining momentum and we will strive to make this cause heard.

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore has written to inform us of his activities as well as asked us to join efforts with him for the environment. We are truly honored to work with Al Gore and appreciate what he has done for the environment. Support Al Gore http://wecansolveit.org/inviteyourfriends

Also, the David Suzuki Foundation replied and stated that they were interested in our proposal. The Email read as follows

Thanks for your e-mail. Congratulations to you and your fellow “Vampire Exterminators” who are pursuing action on this issue. It’s great you’re so engaged around the topic of energy conservation.

I’ve copied in two articles directly below – one from the March 9, 2006 edition of The Economist magazine and the other from the October 9, 2006 edition of Forbes magazine – that could be helpful to your work and your website. I will also pass on your request to our communications department for a link from our site to yours.

Keep up the great work.

Take care,


Following this the Nature Conservancy

Two US Governors have sent us written letters informing us of their energy policies and what they plan to do about our proposition concerning Vampire Electronics . Those two Governors are Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire and Governor Bob Riley of Alabama.

Consumer Electronics corporations have written stating that they would like to evaluate our proposal. Nintendo of America Inc. and Circuit City have both given us replies and would like to keep in touch with our cause.

In addition to them many politicians have sent us electronic replies and wish to review our cause. They are as follows

Senator Hilary Clinton

Governor Bill Richardson

Governor Mary Jodi Rell

Governor Brian David Schweitzer

The Email from was written as so to inform us of his energy policies:

“Thank you for sending Governor Schweitzer information on your efforts to promote awareness of wasted energy.
As you may know, Governor Schweitzer is a strong proponent of energy conservation and efficiency; and he appreciates hearing ideas and initiatives from people across the nation.

In November, the Governor announced his “20 X 10 Initiative”, focused on reducing state government’s energy use by 20% by the year 2010. As a result, employees have been asked to make sure computers (including speakers and screens) are completely turned off when they leave the building, and that all non-essential office equipment is in power-saving mode whenever possible.

Thank you again for sharing your website and information. We appreciate hearing from you.

Shannon Hughes
Office of the Governor
State of Montana”

The last part explains what he plans to do regarding Vampire Electronics. This is seen as a good initiative and we believe that more people should do the same.

Governor Steve Beshear

Governor Joe Manchin III

Governor Edward G. Rendell

Governor Sarah Palin

Governor Theodore R. Kulongoski

Governor Ted Strickland

Governor Martin O’Malley

Governor Mike Easley

Governor Mitch Daniels

Governor Deval Patrick

So we ask you to join our campaign against Vampire Electronics.

Join our cause. Make a difference.

Hey guys,

Our team has made a new petition in which you can finally be part of the change. This petition is letting our vieweres acknowledge that they’ve found out about vampire electronics and want to get rid of them. To sign this petition click on http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/vampireelectronics?e. There’s finally a chance for you to change the world. Are you willing to make a difference?

To our viewers

We have a challenge to all our viewers. We want you to post how you’ve made a difference, but the real challenge is spreading this message. Yes, we want you to help us spread our message. If you have any friends or family, ask them to contact us at vampireelectronics@yahoo.com where we can answer their questions about this topic. We want you to post your name and your nationality to know how far across the world this message is spreading. We hope we’ve inspired you to help make this world better.

-Vampire Exterminators

We Still Have Time

Though times may look grim we can still stop the demise of 1/4 of all living species. We can do this in part by plugging out our electronics. It will be a long process, but when finished be assured that our effort will not have been for nothing. We can do this, not alone but together. This video makes it clear that we must put aside our differences and help achieve a society free of greenhouse gasses. We can create jobs and strengthen the economy as well as aid our environment.

The Good Media


As shown below some of the media currently fights understanding however, as if you click the link then you will see that some of the media is with us and we urge you to keep up with the media in order to gain a better understanding on vampire electronics.

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